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Yarn-head creatures in the window of H&M Harajuku!


Long time no see everyone !

First of all thank you everybody who have been following me for a really long time now and also thank you to my new followers for following me !

I’ve been on hiatus for almost half a year now, although I do sometimes go back here and reblog stuff.
So a new school year has started, I don’t have a lot of classes but I do have a LOT LOT LOT of homeworks, especially in japanese translation but anyway.

I’ve also decided to take some art ateliers at the art school here in Strasbourg so this year is going to be busy.
I also have other stuff I really want to tell but I don’t know if people are actually reading me so i’m just going to finish this little message for now.

I’m also going to re-open anon asks so if you have any questions about anything please feel free to ask me anon or not.

Have a lovely day !


details from mori shoot
photo: tessu / edit: dalfe

Another pic of my new stockings & garter~